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Dear Kukua

I want to fake bankruptcy because I suspect my girlfriend is a Gold Digger



Gold Digger

DEAR KUKUA, I want to fake bankruptcy just to see if my current girlfriend will still be interested to date me.

She is 24yrs and a level 300 in one of the universities in Accra. I am also 29yrs and by God’s grace, I have a successful online business and a flashy car.

I know that I’m not the type of guy this girl would typically go out with because in her previous relationships she actually dated footballers, and guys of higher class and handsome than me.

We lived in the same hood when we were teenagers and our parents are good friends. Kukua, This girl looked down on me in those days and never looked at me twice.

After many years we happen to meet again during a family reunion a few months ago and we had a nice chat and hit it off from there. We haven’t had any intimacy yet but she often talks about us getting married and living in a big house of our own.

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I have heard few negative comments about her with men but I want to be sure she’s not dating me because of my money and that is why I want to fake bankruptcy to see if she will still stick around with me. Please advice.

KUKUA SAYS: My dear, anything built on lies/deceit/miscommunication doesn’t last, it’s the first thing you need to know.

If you lie your way through, you will have to keep up with more lies, and eventually, your lies will catch up with you. What a waste of time that would be. It is why honesty is the best way to go.

If you have doubts about your partner she’s the only one who can take those doubts away, her words and actions.

So ask her questions, let her answer, and let her know that what she tells you is exactly what will inform your future actions if things prove otherwise. By this I mean you will find answers to your questions if her actions don’t match her words or if they actually do. Easy!

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Change is the only thing that remains constant, people change and that’s a fact. If you decide to allow your actions to be informed by the opinions of others it may cost you, if not dearly.

You have fears from past interactions with this girl, let it only be a guide to paying attention to her behaviour and not a reason to prevent yourself from enjoying the relationship with her.

Would you like it if you were tested this way? What if you’re true but events work against you? Tests are unnecessary, pay attention to actions…they always tell the story.

Best wishes!