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Dear Kukua

I’ve been smoking since the age of 17 and I need help to stop



businessman smoking cigarette

DEAR KUKUA, I’ve been smoking since the age of 17 and I need help to stop.

I am a 38yr old man and I started to smoke when I was 17years. This behaviour started when I was in secondary school. I found myself in the midst of bad friends who smoked weed but since I did not feel comfortable smoking weed, I opted for cigarettes.

I am aware of the dangers of smoking because my father died of lung cancer caused by smoking.

A doctor disclosed to me that I have early indications of lung infection and so I should stop smoking.

I have tried many things which are supposed to reduce the cravings of smoking but nothing seems to work.

Can you please help me?

KUKUA SAYS: I’m glad you have made health a priority.

I don’t have to school you on the dangers of smoking. Life is beautiful even with all its scams.
You have chosen life…, are you willing to pursue it? I think you are… that’s a good start.

As soon as you can, get professional help, join support groups, any help you can get. What’s most important is your commitment… stay committed all through. This means even when you succumb to the urge on your journey… dust off and continue your journey….. where there is a will, there is a way.

Best wishes my dear!
Share your success story with us soon!

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