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Dear Kukua

My social media boyfriend is financially unstable but I am willing to finance our wedding



willing to support Social media boyfriend

DEAR KUKUA, my social media boyfriend is financially unstable but I intend to support our wedding with my own money as we are planning to get married.

I am 24yrs and he is 30. We met on social media, and as we progressed deep feelings came out.

We decided to meet in person and soon after I was introduced to his family. He is a nice and honest guy and a true gentleman. We have begun to plan our wedding and I have realised that my boyfriend is not financially stable and this has been an issue that has been disturbing me. I on the other hand am financially stable and I have some money saved up.

Where we at now he currently stays in the house of his former boss and this is worrying for me.

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I hope that when we get married we will be living in our own house.

So I wanted to know if it was okay for me to assist him financially in planning the wedding and also in helping him get a better place to live in.

Please help me, I don’t know what to do.

KUKUA SAYS: Marriage is a big deal and that cannot be overemphasized…

One needs to be intentional in their pursuit of it. Communication is key to a successful marriage, the best marriages are built on good and effective communication.

The rule for communication is quite simple even though most find it a task… say what you mean, mean what you say. Talk about your fears with your partner, it is the right thing to do. Your partner is the no 1 person you should have no worry communicating your fears to.

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Finances in a marriage if not handled well can be enough to make a marriage go downhill.

Assisting is the ideal thing to do…the two shall become one. It should be for good reasons.. selfish interest will only make it frustrating at a point. Expectations are grounds for disappointment. Know that giving your best to a deserving partner also makes you fulfilled.

All the best my dear.