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Asaana – Ghanaian Fermented Corn Drink



Asaana is known almost all over Ghana although, it originated from the Ga people of the Greater Accra Region. The little history behind this street drink begun when the fermented stock from the corn, intended for making Kenkey, was mixed with caramelised sugar. It gave way to this delicious and healthy drink as fermented foods are very good to the human gut system. It aids in digestion and helps reduce the bloating of the tummy.

Ideally, asaana is served with ice cubes and evaporated milk. Some folks are even known to add peanuts to asaana, making it the perfect lunch snack on a busy day. You will need to be patient with the fermentation process depending on the humidity of your location. In Ghana or any hot temperature African country, three days is enough for the corn to ferment but otherwise, you will need up to a week at room temperature to get the fermentation done.

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It is loved by lots as it helps cool down on any hot day in our beautiful Ghana.

Asaana - Ghanaian Fermented Corn Drink

Below is my simplified recipe to help you have an experience of this street drink. It’s gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan/vegetarian friendly by simply adding a plant-based milk.


All you will need:

200g of fresh or dried corn

0.5l of water

50g of sugar-white or brown

Evaporated milk/Plant-based milk (optional)


How to make Asaana:

Break corn by blitzing in a blender for a second. Careful not to make corn into flour.

Transfer into a coverable bowl and add water.

Store in a cool dark and at room temperature for 3-7 days.

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Once it’s fermented, stir and sieve for the fermented stock. Add to a pan and let it warm up but do not boil.

Caramelize the sugar carefully into dark brown. I will advise that you turn off the heat under the pan once it starts to caramelize, the heat of the sugar will continue so you do not burn your caramelised sugar.

Add the warm fermented stock to the caramelised sugar carefully.

Stir and taste. Add more some honey or a slice of lemon and serve by itself over ice cubes.


If adding the milk, omit the lemon to avoid curdles.


Enjoy #katsfoods

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Asaana drink