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Food Recipe

Ghanaian Fresh Fish Light Soup




Hello, welcome back after a long break from my end. Life and covid happened lol. I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

So, as usual, after every new year, resolutions are set. And when it comes to food, it is diets upon diet.

Personally, I am more committed to making my daily food enjoyable and guilt-free. So here is one of my favourite light soup and fufu dish. I say light because, in Ghana, we usually prepare our soups with diverse protein choices.

Therefore, when there is only one choice of protein being used in making a soup, it is referred as light; as in lighter in texture and more clearer in taste.

You can choose any protein of choice to make this light soup, the recipe is very versatile as most Ghanaian recipes.

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Ps. I will highly encourage using any whole fresh fish for this recipe because, you can make great stock out of the head, tails, and fins of the fish. It is also best to fillet the fish and rid of the risks of fish bones. I used sea salmon for this recipe btw.

For this recipe, you will need:

600g of fresh fish(salmon, mackerel or tilapia)

For stock: 1 litre of water bits of carrots, onions, white pepper, salt, and cleaned fish trimmings -head, tail, if filleted bones as well.

For soup:

1 carrot

1 small onion

1-2 inch size fresh ginger

2 garlic cloves

3 medium-size tomatoes

3-4 small bay leaves



White pepper

1 habanero chili OPTIONAL


Start cooking stock by boiling all stock ingredients together for 30 minutes.

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Once stock is done sieve and save stock. Add stock to sizable saucepan for cooking fish and bring to a boil.

Add to fish stock soup ingredients with salt/pepper to taste.

Remove tomatoes after 5 minutes of boiling and set aside. Allow carrots and onions to cook well.

Take out, garlics, tomatoes, onion, and ginger once cooked and soft. Blend into a smooth pate and sieve back into soup.

Bring to boil and add in fresh fish. Depending on the quantity of fish used, allow fish to cook thoroughly by boiling soup under a lid for 10 or more mins.

Check for salt, add more dill and enjoy with fufu or just by it self for a much lighter meal moment.


I hope you give it a try in your kitchens.