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4 Reasons why long-distance relationships last longer



why long-distance relationships last
4 Reasons why long-distance relationships last longer

There are many couples who for one reason or another live their love life at a distance and according to some research it seems that these stories last even longer than the traditional ones. Why do long-distance relationships last longer? Well, here are 4 simple reasons

Partners who for various reasons are forced to live far away and stay together only on weekends and holidays are defined as “commuters of love” .
At one time it was almost unthinkable the idea of ​​living relationships of this kind, today, however, also thanks to the internet and new technologies, people who are not physically close can be at least virtually.

According to Istat, the phenomenon of couples experiencing long-distance relationships would affect 4 million Italians and it would seem, from some British research, that these relationships would last even longer than the others ; moreover, it seems that the partners are even happier than those who live a “normal” story.

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But for these stories to last, it is essential that the two lovers are independent, with good self-esteem and above all a satisfying life.
That said, what are the reasons long-distance relationships would last longer?

Independence is maintained

The first reason why distant loves are more lasting than others is that partners do not “cancel” each other, they do not have to continually struggle with spaces and moments of freedom but often 5 days a week one is completely independent and then when you meet you also want to put aside your personal needs to satisfy those of your partner.

The desire is more alive

In long-distance relationships it seems that s3x life is also better; not seeing each other every day creates that magic and increases the desire and desire to be together, not only outside but also inside the bed!

One feels less oppressed

Being close means having many more opportunities to suffocate the other with constant requests for attention, control and very often also with outbursts of jealousy for any situation. Distance, obviously if you trust the other, does not allow all this and when you see each other you just want to talk to each other and share positive moments and not spend time arguing!

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One is more fulfilled as an individual

Finally, another reason why long-distance relationships last longer is that in the days when the partners are distant they are able to cultivate their interests, hobbies, hang out with friends and relatives without having the feeling of bringing time to partner.

On the other hand, those with classic stories often feel forced to have to give up their things to avoid discussions, but this over time leads to dissatisfaction and the feeling of no longer being realized as individuals.