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Franklin Cudjoe eat back his words, prays parliament to approve Attorney General designate, Godfred Dame



Franklin Cudjoe

The founder and President of IMANI Africa, Mr Franklin Cudjoe has pleaded with the Vetting Committee of Parliament to approve the President’s nominee for the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, Mr Godfred Odame.

The plea is a sharp turn from his initial position that, Mr Dame, an immediate past Attorney General of the country does not deserve to occupy such a position following his involvement in depriving the people of the newly created Guan district, namely; Santrokofi, Akpafu, Likpe, and Lolobi(SALL) a representation in parliament.

Earlier , Mr Cudjoe had said in a tweet that he wonders why Mr Dame must be made a Minister of Justice looking at the speed with which he denied the people of the SALL their rightful constitutional right.

“It is a shame that we have an Attorney-General designate who was NEVER interested in the grave disenfranchisement of almost 30,000 human beings by his beloved do-no-good EC. He was in a hurry to argue in court that the SALL citizens should remain stateless, without representation in Parliament. I wonder why he must be made a Minister of Justice seeing how he was in great haste to not only deny SALL justice, but by extension, render all SALL people useless. What is this???,” Mr Cudjoe wrote on his Facebook page on January 24.

Franklin Cudjoe's post

However, in a tweet on Friday, February 12, during the vetting of the Attorney General Designate, Mr Cudjoe wrote, “Sincerely, I plead with the Appointments Committee to approve the AG designate”.


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Earlier on the same Friday, he had again, on the same platform noted that he had never hidden his disdain for Mr Dame as far as the disenfranchising of the people of SALL was concerned.

“I have not hidden my disdain for the AG nominee for his machiavellian aloofness in the SALL http://debacle.As if that is not enough,he comes to vetting to flaunt his corrupted explanations of a C.I. that wasn’tonly properly procured as basis for SALL to be placed somewhere”.