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The state of the economy is reflecting more on NDC members, they are looking good – Oko Boye



Dr Oko Boye

The former Member of Parliament for the Ledzokuku Constituency, Dr Bernard Oko Boye has said the real state of the country’s economy is reflecting more on members of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC).

That he said contrary to what the opposition had been touting that the economy was bad, their physical appearances suggest otherwise and that was an indication that the economy was actually doing well.

Dr Oko Boye made the comment on TV3 NewDay on June 9, monitored by

According to him, he had for some years now deduce the state of the economy from the physical appearance of the opposition adding if he were to look good people would attribute it to the fact that he was in power but if it had to be someone in opposition then that was definitely the reality on the ground.

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Responding to a question on how he was doing”, Dr Oko Boye in a rather jovial response said By his grace everything is cool and if you look at how nice the NDC commander is looking, you know, actually the state of the economy is reflected more on the opposition because when I am looking good you will say it is incumbency but when opposition is looking good then is a reflection of what is happening”.

“It been quite long, …..I always look at how my guys are looking in opposition; once they are looking good then everything is ok,” he added when asked since when had he known the appearance of the opposition reflect the true state of the economy.

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Oko Boye comment was in connection with the appearance of the National Youth Organizer of the NDC, Mr George Opare Addo who was dressed in a stripped suit while on the programme.

The state of the economy is in the pocket

In response to Dr Oko Boye’s Mr Opare Addo, a Lawyer by profession said his attire was his professional attire as a lawyer and not because the economy was good.

He indicated the state of the economy was in the pocket and his physical appearance had nothing to do with it.

According to him, the economy was bad and even members of the ruling  New Patriotic Party(NPP) can attest to that.


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