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How to Download videos from Facebook, YouTube or Instagram



How to Download videos from Facebook, YouTube or Instagram

You may have wondered how to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, or other social media platforms. There are many social media platforms available on the internet these days. In this post, I will provide some of the top four Online Video Downloader sites that you can use to download online videos. If you are a social media fanatic, I believe you need not be convinced as to which platform is best for sharing videos or where users freely share videos. Obviously, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the best platforms that users share their personal or other videos. In fact, YouTube is an all-video platform. In recent times, TikTok seems to be gaining some sort of momentum to become the next big video sharing platform.

The best thing about that, you also have an option to download videos from these platforms. The platforms themselves do not provide you any means to download from them, but you can use an external web application or software to be able to download.

I must say some applications require you to make payment before you can use them, however, they can be very reliable to use once you pay.

The standard online video downloader has the ability to search for videos based on the number of likes and dislikes that the video has received. You should be aware that YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram video downloaders all have similar features. The best Online Video Downloader will let you download the videos directly from Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram as they do not save your activities or store the video you download on their server.

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How to Download videos from Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram

It is easy to download any social media video. Most often all you need is the video URL link and an online video downloader or software.

  1. Copy the video URL link from Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.
  2. Visit any of the online video downloader sites listed below.
  3. Find the search field and enter the video URL link
  4. Click on Download video, Converter video, or Search. It depends on the site you are using.
  5. After you click on the button, you will see available download buttons. Just click on the quality of the video you want to download.
  6. That’s all

Best Online Video Downloader sites

Here are some of the Best Online Video Downloader websites in 2020


Facebookmp4 How to Download videos from Facebook

This Facebook Video Downloader site only focuses on letting you download Facebook videos to MP4. According to their website, they do not save the download records or host the videos. This means when you try to download a video, you will achieve that by download directly from Facebook Servers. This type of feature is good because they won’t save your download activities so it is safe. I do not know if they support the download of private videos. But at least their system works quite well.

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2. How to Download videos from Instagram

Just like the previous site. also focuses on downloads of only Instagram videos and photos. similar to what provides, this Instagram downloader also does not save download records, and they also provide downloads directly from Instagram servers and totally free to use.


Unlike the top 2 websites, at least supports the download of videos from Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. At least that is what can be witnessed on the site when you visit.

4. How to Download videos from Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, Vimeo is also a multi-purpose site that supports 100s of social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TED, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram, and many more. You can convert videos to HD MP4 as well as MP3 audio.

All the sites listed above are free to use and they are online so you don’t need to install any software. If you are looking to install an android app that you can use to download the videos, you can use an app called Photo and Video Downloader for IG, FB & WhatsApp from the Google Play store