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Don’t marry if you don’t have savings, joint accounts – Leila Djansi tells would-be couples



Leila Djansi fumes
Don’t marry if you don’t have savings, joint accounts – Leila Djansi advice

Ghanaian and American filmmaker, Leila Djansi has caution would-be couple in the country not to commit to marriage if they are not financially well to do.

In a Facebook post sighted by on Tuesday, August 7, the renowned TV producer and script writer said eventualities do happen hence one needs to prepare for such.

She noted she was heartbroken by constant needs on  the Ghanaian social media space and advice proper planning with provision for eventualities made, especially, when one desires to marry and have children of their own so they could give them the best of life.

“If you and your intended are not financially set, with savings, joint accounts, and investments, please do NOT get married or have children! I am so heartbroken seeing so much need on social media this morning!,” her post reads.

“If you’re planning to enter a marriage and have kids, Please, please, PLAN and include any eventualities cos shit happens. Give those kids the comfortable life you either had or did desired. Pay it forward. I don’t care how much God is in control. God ALLOWS shit to happen, so you better be prepared like the ten wise virgins!,” she added. 

Leila Djansi

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