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Why do well-dressed women go to Church in search of husbands




Andrea Owusu known popularly as Efia Odo has questioned why most Ghanaians are of the belief that she has not been able to settle with a man because she is always flaunting her body on social media.

To her, that can never be a reason why she has not had a man in her life like people attribute that to.

Efia Odo wondered why some women who also do not flaunt their bodies have also struggled to have men in their lives.

“People think I haven’t been able to settle down because I’m always “naked” on social media. So then why do fully clothed women go to church looking for husbands?”

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Her comments have generated mixed reactions as some section of social media users think the reason she ascribes for women who go to Church is not right.

To them, no woman goes to Church in search of a husband but rather, they go to worship God and give him praise for the good things he has done in their lives.

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