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Emmanuel Ntim believes VAFC could do better after match against Niort



Emmanuel Ntim believes VAFC could do better after match against Niort

Like his coach, Emmanuel Ntim believes that VAFC’s draw against Niort (0-0) is not a bad start. However, the Valenciennois defender is also aware that there was room to do better.

How do you analyze this first match?

“It was tiring. The team in front was strong and I think we took a good point. It was a good draw even though there was a bit of frustration because we worked really well together. I think everyone was happy with the performance but we knew we could do better, even if we weren’t disappointed,” he told 11 HDF

Individually, you are already in good shape.

“We’ve been working hard for five weeks and when you get into a game like that you have to be focused and put everything you learned into for five weeks. Everyone was in good shape today and I think we can do better against Guingamp,”

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Did you feel a surplus of motivation with the return of the public?

“It was good ! They encouraged us, it feels good. Without an audience, it was hard and this was great. Of course, in camera it was tough. The public pushes us constantly, we hear the cries, it feels good to find the public,” he concluded.


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