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Dear Kukua

My girlfriend is uneducated but my Parents want me to marry an educated lady



My parents want me to break up with my girlfriend because she is uneducated

DEAR KUKUA, my parents want me to break up with my girlfriend because she is uneducated.

I am 27 and she is 26. We have been dating for over 3 years now and we have plans to marry before I turn 29 so we could have our first child at least in my 30s God willing.

I am a graduate from KNUST while my girlfriend on the other hand could not even continue her education after JHS.

I tried to support her last year by opening a shop for her but unfortunately, the business collapsed. Now she is learning bakery in hope that she could start her own bakery business after graduation. She is a very respectful girl and I have always supported her decisions but now my parents think I should rather find a girl who is well educated and marry.

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Kukua, the sad thing is that this girl lost her dad at a very early stage of her life during a peacekeeping mission. She also happens to be the only child. Her mother took care of her after the death of her dad and of course, things were very hard for this woman hence my girlfriend could not get any better education.

One of my friends told me I am having sympathy love for this girl because of her situation and that things will change when she becomes well-off. I am really confused now.


KUKUA SAYS: Your concern for your girlfriend is admirable… your quest to seek help is the right thing to do in a dilemma.

Parents remain parents throughout our lives-their role only diminishes but it is never zero. Your parents may have genuine concerns regarding security… financially they’d want a supportive spouse. It is typical of parents to want a secure future for their child/children, it’s not strange at all.

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What you need to do is to lay their fears to rest. You have started off right by empowering your girlfriend… can we finish the job?

All plans to proceed with the marriage can hold until your girlfriend has completed her training and established herself.
This will not only prove a point to your parents and your friend… it will give you a better future together.

Talk to your girlfriend, let her know how important this mission is… she’ll give it her best if she wants this as bad as you do.

All the best!

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