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You suddenly found your voice when the question of hair, hijab, religion and faith came up, talk about the text books – Johnnie Hughes tells Teacher Unions



Jonnie Hughes

Renowned TV3’s broadcaster and NewDay host, Johnnie Beresford Hughes has hit back at Teacher Unions in the country for suddenly finding the voice to speak in the ongoing discussions concerning the admission of Rastafarian students in Senior High Schools.

According to him, the unions had been silent for nearly two years over the absence of text books despite change of curriculum.

He noted if the union had anything to be loud and vocal about it should definitely not be the issue of hair, hijab, religion and faith but the text books which affect the jobs directly.

Mr Hughes made the remarks on NewDay on Tuesday, March 23, monitored by

“I am quite surprised that the Teacher Unions are speaking now. The Teacher Unions have been very very loudly silent for almost two years when the curriculum was change without text books. The teacher unions are supposed to be writing this morning lesson notes, the Teacher Unions are suppose to be instructing the students, they don’t have the hand books, they don’t have the manuals, they don’t have nothing, the text books has just been listed at the website of NACA but the real text books they supposed to be teaching with, they don’t have it,” he said.

“They kept quiet about it, NAGRAT, name them, all of them, they kept quiet about it, so what are they instructing the students with?,” he added.

Popularly referred to as Mr Accountability on the current affairs programme, Mr Hughes was of the views that the teacher union should be speaking about the text book if they had finally found their voices and described their silence about the absence of the text books two years after curriculum change as not normal.

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“Now they are suddenly interested in hair, they are suddenly interested in hair, as the boy said be more interested in what goes into his brains than what is on his head so Teacher Unions if you have the mouth and the voice and the loudness to be talking about hair, talk about the text books that are not in the schools because your job is to teach the children with the text books.

“ So talk about the text books, you have been loudly silent about this so talk about the text books, teacher union talk about it, talk about it, talk about it because for two years it is not normal that you have a curriculum change, you don’t have text books and even the JHS department has not been train on the new curriculum  and you are running the system and you have kept quiet and suddenly the question of hair, hijab, religion and faith comes up and you found your voice shame on you” he emphasized.