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Some new MPs-elects have never been to Accra before – Abronya DC



Abronya DC

Popular New Patriotic Party(NPP) member, Kwame Baffoe also known in the political sphere as  Abronya DC has said that some newly elected Members of Parliament(MP) voted for in the just ended 2020 elections have never in their lives step foot in the capital city of Ghana, Accra .

According to him, they would be coming to Accra for the first time during the swearing in ceremony on Thursday, January 7, adding for such persons it would be unfair for their constituent to place much expectation on them.

“MP’s job is all about lobbing and it is easy if the MP is coming from the same party as the government but If you vote skirt and blouse, the MP you have voted for is coming to parliament for the first time, we have some MPs, the very first time he/she is visiting Accra is for this January 7 swearing in. He/She has never been to Accra before”.

“I know some MP who got to Circle in Accra for the first time and saw the huge population there and quizzed if all of them get a place to sleep at night and his friend with him in the car told him they fly into the sky to sleep”.

Abronya DC who currently serves the party as the Chairperson of the Bono Region made the comment in an interview on Okay FM’s Adekye Abia programme on December 18, 2020 monitored by

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He was expressing his concern about the recent parliamentary seats lost by the NPP in the 2020 elections at places the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo won convincing.

He indicated such voting patterns does not help the party in anyway and advised going forward that the party invest in educating members to understand the role of parliamentarians and how easy or difficult their mandate would be if they continue voting in the skirt and blouse pattern.

Abronya noted as it stands; about 70 per cent of Ghanaian voters lack the understanding of the exact role of MP.

MPs-elect to be sworn in on January 7th

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Ghana would swear-in Members of Parliament elected during the December 7 elections on Thursday, January 7 to constitute the 8th Parliament of the Republic.

In all, a total of 275 members were elected out of which some sizeable number of them would be representing their constituent for the very first time in the legislative house.


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