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Dear Kukua

I am about to get married to a stingy man because I am pregnant for him



get married to a stingy man because I am pregnant for him

DEAR KUKUA, I fear I am about to get married to a stingy boyfriend but I hope I can get out of this temptation before it is too late.

I am a girl of 25 and thankfully I have a safe job which means I can be financially independent. Kukua, I am about to get married but my issue is that the guy I intend to get married to is totally stingy. He seems to be the type of guy that values money more than life.

I have recognized that, even when I am feeling ill, he will choose to save his money than take me to a medical facility to seek help. Even when he does take me to a hospital, he is so stingy that he constantly wants me to take care of all my costs without him paying a cent.

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Whenever the issue of money comes up, he always pretends to get angry just so I will wind up using my money to foot whatever bill is at stake. I have thought of his mindset towards cash and have realized that it wouldn’t be serene to get married to such a person so I’ve chosen to call it quit before the marriage comes on.

Kukua, I have a big problem because as I write this, I am currently pregnant with our baby. Please how do I get out of this mess?

KUKUA SAYS: My dear, it’s important to identify readily what we can or cannot deal with before we embark on the marriage journey.

If you have any kind of fear, you have to deal with it first and this cannot be overemphasized.
Unresolved issues like fear can cripple the most solid relationship.

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Too many times people got into a marriage because of pregnancy. You clearly do not want that. You should be bold enough to pursue what you want.
Weigh your priorities and make a firm decision. The worst-case scenario is you’ll be a single mum. Can you deal with that?